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November 20, 2014

FibroScan® 502

The first clinically validated device using Transient Elastography. To date 1 000 FibroScan® 502 devices have been installed worldwide. FibroScan® is used to diagnose 1.5 million men, women and children every year.

Sharing powerful pratice

Quantitative & immediate results in kPa,
A large volume of the liver explored (about 100 times larger than the biopsy),
A large spectrum of applications (from the first diagnosis to the follow up of cirrhosis complications).

FibroScan® 502

As an adjunct to biopsy, FibroScan® 502 aids in decision making and enhances both patient and pratice management. Easy to operate, FibroScan® 502 offers:

  • Automatic adjustment of parameters depending on the probe choice
  • An integrated software and hardware providing unique core technology
  • A large, bright color screen giving complete view of patient examination
  • User-friendly interface and patient database
  • Data transfer by USB Key
  • Printing solutions


Three different ergonomic probes enable you to address a full range of clinical and morphological needs. Each patient is different.
Echosens has designed its probes to ensure efficient diagnosis in all circumstances.

probes.gifS Probe: For children
Transducer specifically designed for being placed into narrow intercostal space
A higher frequency, 5 MHz, enabling adapted measurements for chest perimeter from 45 to 75 cm
Measurement depths are adapted between 15 to 50 mm depending on children’s morphology

M Probe: Standard probe
The M probe is designed for the general population. It is used for adults with a thoracic perimeter of more than 75 cm
Transducer frequency is 3.5 MHz 
Measurements of liver stiffness take place between 25 and 65 mm under the skin

XL Probe: For overweight patients 
A more sensitive ultrasound sensor at the frequency of 2.5 MHz has been designed to enhance deeper signal penetration through tissues over a 35 to 75 mm depth
A Skin Capsule Distance measurement (SCD) must be performed to select the XL probe* (SCD ≥ 2.5 cm)

Recommendations for use

Training: Echosens or its representative must certify the operator to ensure the proper use of the device and all its features
Examination procedures provide better reproducibility and accuracy with 10 valid stiffness measurements at the same measurement point

Precautions for use

FibroScan® should not be used on pregnant women, patient with active implantable medical device and person with ascites
Presence of ascites may prevent from obtaining valid measurements

* To enhance your productivity, the Echosens Service Centre or your local distributor will support you with calibration, repairs, parts and maintenance services. FibroScan® 502 Touch probes need to be calibrated every six months to maintain performance.

FibroScan® 502 Documentation

The first clinically device using Transient Elastography. 

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